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Porsche 924

1982 - Diamond Silver - Brown Interior - tyres are Continental Super Contact 185 70R 14

27-1-05 - Picked car up - 35,837 Miles.
Retightened screw holding height spacer to seat runner. Seat wouldn't go all the way forward.

28-1-05 - Washed and waxed with K300 Speedwax, will 123 when more time available.

29-1-05 - Replaced the clock in centre console which wasn't working. Also found a few old coins under the drivers seat and in behind the centre console. These are old 5ps, 10ps and a 50p but also the very old 1 shilling and 2 shillings on the bottom left.

Took out old archaic Philips stereo and Alpine graphic equaliser and installed Blaupunkt Toronto which is in keeping with the age of the car.

1-2-05 - Had immobiliser fitted for insurance. Work on windscreen washer pipes, non return valves and jets which are blocked, still not perfect, may need further attention.

5-2-05 - Did some cleaning of the engine bay, most interesting thing was a build up of acorn shells and squirrel droppings on top of the intake manifold.

6-2-05 - Removed Blaupunkt Toronto as the FM reception wasn't up to scratch, also the right front speaker channel was a bit dull sounding. Replaced with a Blaupunkt Casablanca while the Toronto is being repaired.

9-2-05 - The 924 was on show at the NW PCGB meeting at the local OPC Wilmslow, Stratstones. It got a lot of interest. One of the comments from one of the OPC employees was - "it's straight out of the box".

20-2-05 - Gave the car a wash and took some more pictures.

28-4-05 - The 924 was given the full DT Concours 123 treatment.

2-5-05 - Car exhibited at Gawsworth Hall Classic Car Show.

29-5-05 - One of the rubber rear exhaust box mounts was broken and one was perishing so both were replaced, the mounting bracket was also repainted.

3-7-05 - Exhibited at the Porsche Pageant at Chatsworth House.




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